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Footprints from the Bible is:

  •    Enter into the Greatest Story in the World, full of intrigue, danger, joy, sorrow, and every other human emotion as the Bible comes alive with "Careful research and potent creativity."

  •   Bestselling books of historical fiction by Cynthia Davis (bio below) that make our Biblical ancestors relevant to modern readers.

  •   Experience Bible times, places, and events with women and men who are examples of faith, through books, studies, retreats and more.

  •   Inspirational art by Ken Davis and weekly blog meditations.

  •   "Davis changed my whole view about the characters in the Bible.”

Cynthia has a weekly blog. She also writes meditations on the Diocese of the Rio Grande Women's MInistry, and Diocesan Daughters of the King site. As Coordinator of Women's Ministries in the Diocese of the Rio Grande, Cynthia plans, arranges, and directs retreats along with encouraging greater communication across the wide miles of the diocese. 
Lent offers time to reflect on our call as women of God.
Read Cynthia's reflections throughout Lent on her blog.  

Study and Retreat Topics Offered by Cynthia

You can view and read excerpts of Cynthia's dozen books. Most can be purchased directly from Amazon, or from Cynthia. Cynthia is also available to lead retreats or present a study to your women's ministry or other group based on her books or other topics.

  • Bible Spa Party or Tea-experience foods and beauty products like women of the Bible.

  • Enter the Tabernacle-Holy Symbolism for your Life

  •   Women of the Bible-a study of our gifts

  •    Saying Yes to God based on the Nativity & the Letter to Hebrews

  •  Scrapbooking your Journey
    Enriching faith by using scrapbooking

  • Meeting God on the Journey
    Perfect Lent retreat topic, we follow Jesus' on his way to Jerusalem.

  • Others topics are available.


Ken's Art

A percentage of the proceeds helps fund St. Joseph Carpenters, an outreach of Footprints from the Bible and St. John's Cathedral.  

In 2017, members of the group delivered 60 toys to the hospital in December. As always they were a great hit. 

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